Icon: Woodcutters
Properties Woodcutters(1)
Costs 3x Timber
2x Stone

Stones make durable buildings. Stones are hard to form on the other hand. What else could one use than stones? Why, timber is the answer!

The Woodcutter's is one of the most important buildings in the whole game. The Woodcutter's is the house for the Woodcutter who produces Tree Trunks. Tree Trunks are used to make Timber from. That means that you won't be able to get any Timber without a Woodcutter.

Make sure that you build the Woodcutter's near fully grown trees. This makes it easier for the Woodcutter to cut trees and produce Tree Trunks without having to plant new trees.

It's useful to have 2-3 Woodcutter's in your village, so you can make sure that you won't be able to run out of Tree Trunks (which is used to make Timber), because you will need a lot of wood in the game.

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