In Knights and Merchants you have a lot of different characters. You can split up the characters in two different categories, Citizens and Military Units. There are 14 different Citizens and there are 16 different Military Units. Each Citizen has it's own job and each Military Unit has it's own way of fighting.


Serf Serf
Laborer Laborer
Stonemason Stonemason
Woodcutter Woodcutter
Carpenter Carpenter
Farmer Farmer
Fisherman (Added in KaM TPR) Fisherman
Baker Baker
Animal Breeder Animalbreeder
Butcher Butcher
Miner Miner
Metallurgist Metallurgist
Blacksmith Blacksmith
Recruit Recruit

Military UnitsEdit

Militia Militia
Axe Fighter Axe Fighter
Sword Fighter Sowrd Fighter
Barbarian Barbarian
Warrior (Added in KaM TPR) Warrior
Rogue (Added in KaM TPR) Rogue
Bowman Bowman
Crossbowman Crossbowman
Rebel (Added in KaM TPR) Rebel
Lance Carrier Lance Carrier
Pikeman Pikeman
Vagabond (Added in KaM TPR) Vagabond(1)
Scout Scout
Knight Knight
Catapult (Added in KaM TPR) Catapult
Ballista (Added in KaM TPR) Ballista

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